Self Driving Car Engineer Bootcamp

Bootcamp AI


512 Lessons


01. Why Self-Driving Cars1:43
02. Meet Your Instructors0:44
03. Overview of ND Program1:36
04. What Projects Will You Build?3:26
05. Bootcamp Support
07. Community Code of Conduct
08. Deadline Policy
09. Class Schedule
11. Self-Driving Car History
12. The Great Robot Race (Optional)53:16
13. Self-Driving Car Quiz


Computer Vision Fundamentals

Finding Lane Lines Project

Introduction to Neural Networks


Introduction to TensorFlow

Deep Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

LeNet for Traffic Signs

Traffic Sign Classifier Project


Transfer Learning

Behavioral Cloning Project

Camera Calibration

Gradients and Color Spaces

Advanced Techniques for Lane Finding

Advanced Lane Finding Project

Machine Learning and Stanley

Support Vector Machines

Decision Trees

Object Detection

Vehicle Detection and Tracking Project

The End

Get Ready for Term 2 C


Introduction and Sensors

Kalman Filters

C Checkpoint

Lidar and Radar Fusion with Kalman Filters in C

Extended Kalman Filter Project

Unscented Kalman Filters

Unscented Kalman Filter Project

Introduction to Localization

Localization Overview

Markov Localization

Motion Models

Particle Filters

Implementation of a Particle Filter

Kidnapped Vehicle Project

PID Control

PID Controller Project

Vehicle Models

Model Predictive Control

Model Predictive Control Project

The End

Geometry and Trigonometry Refresher




Behavior Planning

Trajectory Generation

Path Planning Project

Coming Up Electives

Elective Advanced Deep Learning

Fully Convolutional Networks

Scene Understanding

Inference Performance

Semantic Segmentation Project

Elective Functional Safety

Introduction to Functional Safety

Functional Safety Safety Plan

Functional Safety Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment

Functional Safety Functional Safety Concept

Functional Safety Technical Safety Concept

Functional Safety at the Software and Hardware Levels

Elective Project Functional Safety

Autonomous Vehicle Architecture

Introduction to ROS

Packages Catkin Workspaces

Writing ROS Nodes

System Integration Project

Completing the Program