Launch Your Cohort-Based Course

Building a cohort-based course is hard. Many creators are overwhelmed by the number of variables, unknown unknowns, and work involved. At Bootcamp AI, we make it simple and easy for anyone to build your CBC step-by-step. Best of all, you’ll build and get feedback from a cohort of top-notch instructors and coaches.

Cohort-Based Course

A new type of online course

Active Learning, not Passive Watching

Live online course, which means students are learning in real time via Zoom / Meet.

Teach with a Cohort of Peers

Learn with a cohort of peers

Practice and Feedback

You are a busy person. You can work things out when needed, but it’s important to give feedback and accountability to boost your students’ likelihood of success.

Tactics, Cheatsheets, and Frameworks

Not just theory and principles. Mentors share the best practices they use that they have seen work across industries.

Practice and Feedback

Fundamental skills cannot be learned by passively watching videos, they must be practiced. With live practices your students learn better


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning - Deep Learning - Tensorflow - Pytorch


Data Science - Data Engineering - Data Analyst

Programming and Development

Fronted - Backend - OS
Python - RPA - Java - iOS - Android - React - Linux



Cloud Computing

AWS - GCP - Azure


Agile - Data Gowth Manage - SQL - Marketing


Autonomous Systems

C++ - Robotic - Authonomus System

How to Become an Instructor
Why Become an Instructor?

Train students in countries and improve thousands of lives and families across the globe.

Design your work around your life and develop a course when you want, where you want.

Teach what you know and help students explore their interests, acquire new skills, and advance their careers.

Expand your professional network, develop your knowledge and earn money with each paid registration.

Keep track of your students

Track applications and automate key emails from a single dashboard

Create announcement

Guide students through the course with customizable messages.

Design your course syllabus

Build out your syllabus and track student project submissions directly from our dashboard.

How to get Involved

1. Submit your Interest

Visit the Visit the Instructor Interest Form and create a Bootcamp AI account to access the questionnaire. Complete the relevant fields, and we will contact you if an opportunity is available.

2. Showcase your Skills (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Teaching Samples are pre-recorded lessons that help our team map your expertise to a Bootcamp AI program. Candidates who submit one stand out and are more likely to be contacted about upcoming opportunities!

  1. Teach one subject related to the skills and roles of interest in Bootcamp AI’s Schools & Subjects of Interest list, or surprise us with a new subject in tech!
  2. Use the Teaching Sample Guidelines to create your Teaching Sample, and submit your final draft at the link below. Note: Submitting a teaching sample that does not follow Bootcamp AI’s guidelines is not recommended.
3. Launch Development

Instructors kick-off course development with one week of onboarding, and then begin building their course alongside Bootcamp AI’s Content Team until it is completed!

Launch Your Cohort-Based Course
Frequently Asked Questions
Cohort-based courses combine live workshops, videos, articles, and projects to create impactful learning experiences. You participate, learn, and collaborate with other students throughout the course. It’s common for students to stay connected long after the course ends.
Bootcamp AI will earn a percentage of your course revenue as low as 10% and you keep the rest. We’ve worked hard to offer a creator-friendly model that ensures your CBC is lucrative while supporting the platform you host it on.
Yes, you’ll be invited to a private Bootcamp AI platform where you can customize your landing page and manage admissions.
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