– Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 01_Welcome

Learn how to simulate your first robotic environment with Gazebo, the most common simulation engine used by Roboticists around the world.

– Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 02_What is a Robot

– Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 03_Search and Sample Return

– Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 04_Career Support Overview

– Part 01-Module 01-Lesson 05_Get Help from Peers and Mentors

– Part 01-Module 04-Lesson 01_ Explores – Biologically Inspired Robots

– Part 01-Module 04-Lesson 02_6 Questions on Robotics Careers

– Part 01-Module 05-Lesson 01_Intro to Kinematics

– Part 01-Module 05-Lesson 02_Forward and Inverse Kinematics

– Part 01-Module 06-Lesson 01_ Explores – Human Robot Interaction Robot Ethics

– Part 01-Module 06-Lesson 02_Product Pitch

– Part 01-Module 07-Lesson 01_Perception Overview

– Part 01-Module 07-Lesson 02_Introduction to 3D Perception

– Part 01-Module 07-Lesson 03_Calibration, Filtering, and Segmentation

– Part 01-Module 07-Lesson 04_Clustering for Segmentation

– Part 01-Module 07-Lesson 05_Object Recognition

– Part 01-Module 07-Lesson 06_3D Perception Project

– Part 01-Module 08-Lesson 01_ Explores – Soft Robotics

– Part 01-Module 09-Lesson 01_ Explores – Robot Grasping

– Part 01-Module 10-Lesson 01_Introduction to Controls

– Part 01-Module 10-Lesson 02_Quadrotor Control using PID

– Part 01-Module 11-Lesson 01_ Explores Swarm Robotics

– Part 01-Module 11-Lesson 02_Networking in Robotics

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 01_Intro to Neural Networks

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 02_TensorFlow for Deep Learning

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 03_Deep Neural Networks

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 04_Convolutional Neural Networks

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 05_Fully Convolutional Networks

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 06_Lab Semantic Segmentation

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 07_Project Follow Me

– Part 01-Module 12-Lesson 08_Term 1 Outro

– Part 01-Module 13-Lesson 01_Introduction to C++ for Robotics

Discover how ROS provides a flexible and unified software environment for developing robots in a modular and reusable manner. Learn how to manage existing ROS packages within a project, and how to write ROS Nodes of your own in C++.

– Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 01_Introduction to Term 2

– Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 02_The Jetson TX2

Part 02 Module 01 Lesson 03_Interacting with Robotics Hardware

– Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 04_Lab Hardware Hello World

– Part 02-Module 01-Lesson 05_Robotics Sensor Options

– Part 02-Module 02-Lesson 01_Inference Development

– Part 02-Module 02-Lesson 02_Inference Applications in Robotics

– Part 02-Module 02-Lesson 03_Project Robotic Inference

– Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 01_Introduction to Localization

Learn how Gaussian filters can be used to estimate noisy sensor readings, and how to estimate a robot’s position relative to a known map of the environment with Monte Carlo Localization (MCL).

– Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 02_Kalman Filters

– Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 03_Lab Kalman Filters

– Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 04_Monte Carlo Localization

– Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 05_Build MCL in C++

– Part 02-Module 03-Lesson 06_Project Where Am I

– Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 01_Introduction to Mapping and SLAM

Learn how to create a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) implementation with ROS packages and C++. You’ll achieve this by combining mapping algorithms with what you learned in the localization lessons.

– Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 02_ Occupancy Grid Mapping

– Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 03_Grid-based FastSLAM

– Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 04_GraphSLAM

– Part 02-Module 04-Lesson 05_Project Map My World Robot

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 01_Intro to RL for Robotics

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 02_RL Basics

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 03_Q-Learning Lab

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 04_Deep RL

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 05_DQN Lab

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 06_Deep RL Manipulator

– Part 02-Module 05-Lesson 07_Project Deep RL Arm Manipulation

– Part 02-Module 06-Lesson 01_Intro to Path Planning and Navigation

Learn different Path Planning and Navigation algorithms. Then, combine SLAM and Navigation into a home service robot that can autonomously transport objects in your home!

– Part 02-Module 06-Lesson 02_Classic Path Planning

– Part 02-Module 06-Lesson 03_Lab Path Planning

– Part 02-Module 06-Lesson 04_Sample-Based and Probabilistic Path Planning

– Part 02-Module 06-Lesson 05_Research in Navigation

– Part 02-Module 06-Lesson 06_Project Home Service Robot

– Part 02-Module 07-Lesson 01_Strengthen Your Online Presence Using LinkedIn

– Part 01-Module 03-Lesson 01_GitHub

– Part 02-Module 07-Lesson 02_Optimize Your GitHub Profile

– Part 02-Module 08-Lesson 01_Completing the Program

– Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 01_Project Introduction

– Part 03-Module 01-Lesson 02_Project Details

– Part 04-Module 01-Lesson 01_Autonomous Systems Interview Practice

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