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In the live programs you will have real and instantaneous interaction with your mentor, tutor and colleagues, to solve all your doubts and advance in your practical projects.


Live interaction.

Correction of practical projects.

Networking with your colleagues.

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Learning in a group is more efficient and motivating. Networking with your classmates helps you come up with new ideas and do better projects.


Class group.

Chat channels.

Private forum.

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Focus on mastering the specialties with hundreds of real hands-on courses and labs updated every week.

New opportunities every week with companies that validate BootcampAI certificates.

New opportunities every week with companies that validate BootcampAI certificates.

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We blend engineering, innovation and design with a unique approach to enable business reinvention.

Bootcamp AI Community

The mentor has clarity on the material and how the step-by-step for each implementation is explained. The mentor has the knowledge and makes an easy understanding of the course.
Tulio Velásquez
Arq Technology Manager
I think it has qualified teachers and the topics in the courses are super good. She is a good teacher, who she knows about the topics to be covered. It is also dynamic when teaching the class
Melani Stefania Ruales
The mentor is experienced. I like that there are labs and that I can review the recorded classes.
Diana Jaramillo
Each class module was interesting and each laboratory that was carried out had its respective guide. It was well explained, I presented many applications of the various topics that were seen during the course
Bryan Xavier Landázuri