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Strengthen your Machine Learning skills and develop practical experience training, validating and evaluating models with Amazon Web Services
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What will you learn

In this program, students will enhance their skills by building and implementing sophisticated machine learning solutions using popular open source tools and frameworks, and will gain hands-on experience executing complex machine learning tasks using built-in AWS labs accessible within the classroom of Bootcamp AI.
Fundamentals of Machine Learning on AWS

Machine Learning is a critical business operation for many organizations. Learn how to configure machine learning pipelines on AWS, identify use cases for automated machine learning, and use the AWS ML SDK to design, build, and manage machine learning pipelines on AWS.

Software Engineering Practices.


Upload a Package to PyPI.

Course Project
Build a Python Package

Machine Learning in Production

Learn how to deploy machine learning models to a production environment using Amazon SageMaker.

Introduction to Deployment.

Deploy a Model.

Web Hosting.

Model Monitoring

Updating a Model.

Course Project
Deploy a Sentiment Analysis Model

Machine Learning Case Studies

Apply machine learning techniques to solve real-world tasks; explore data and deploy both built-in and
custom-made Amazon SageMaker models.

Population Segmentation with SageMaker.

Detecting Credit Card Fraud.

Deploying Custom Models.

Time-Series Forecasting.

Course Project
Deploy a Sentiment Analysis Model



The program gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge gained from this Nanodegree program to solve an interesting problem. You will have to use AWS automated machine learning to solve a task. Finally, you will have to implement the model as a web service and test the endpoint of the model.

Course Project
Capstone Proposal and Project

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Program Offer It includes
Real world projects Yes
Mentor Tech Support Yes
Student community Yes
CV support Yes
Freelance Projects Yes

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Brindamos servicios personalizados para sus necesidades en cada paso de su viaje de aprendizaje para garantizar su éxito.
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Real World Project
Develop an End-to-End project that will allow you to interact in a real work environment.

La matrícula completa del programa es de $ 10,140. Si paga por adelantado, obtiene un 16% de descuento. Recuerde, si no consigue un trabajo dentro de los 6 meses posteriores a la finalización, recibirá un reembolso completo. Ver los términos de elegibilidad de la garantía de empleo

Descuento por adelantado | Pague por adelantado y ahorre un 16% en la matrícula | $5000
Pagado al momento de la inscripción
$ 5000
Coste total
Mes a mes | Paga solo los meses que necesites, hasta 6 meses $ 1,690 / mes Total: hasta $ 10,140
Pagado al momento de la inscripción
Depósito reembolsable de
$ 700
Pagos mensuales durante el curso
$ 0
Pagos mensuales después del curso
$ 383 por 36 meses después de comenzar un nuevo trabajo
Coste total
$ 14,500
Plan de matrícula diferida | Pague mensualmente solo después de comenzar un trabajo $ 383 / mes Total: $ 14,500
Pagado al momento de la inscripción
Depósito reembolsable de
$ 700
Pagos mensuales durante el curso
$ 0
Pagos mensuales después del curso
$ 383 por 36 meses después de comenzar un nuevo trabajo
Coste total
$ 14,500

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Machine Learning Engineer AWS

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Tulio Velásquez
Gerente Arq Tecnología
The mentor has clarity on the material and how the step-by-step for each implementation is explained. The mentor has the knowledge and makes an easy understanding of the course.
Melani Stefania Ruales
I think it has qualified teachers and the topics in the courses are super good. She is a good teacher, who she knows about the topics to be covered. It is also dynamic when teaching the class
Diana Jaramillo
The mentor is experienced. I like that there are labs and that I can review the recorded classes.
Bryan Xavier Landázuri
Each class module was interesting and each laboratory that was carried out had its respective guide. It was well explained, I presented many applications of the various topics that were seen during the course

María  Cruz


Lead Data Scientist en BAT. Doctora en Control Automático con especialidad en procesamiento de Imágenes. Estancias de investigación en la Universidad de California en EEUU, en la Universidad de Coimbra en Portugal y trabajos de investigación con la Universidad de Yale

Jenny Vega


Machine Learning Engineer Rappi Software Engineer con más de 5 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones de big data y machine learning altamente escalables. Con sólidos conocimientos y práctica en lenguajes de programación como Python y Javascript. Arquitecta Asociada de AWS. Autodidacta de nuevas tecnologías y frameworks dentro de machine learning e inteligencia artificial.

Cononoce como se aplican los microservicios.

Domine algunos servicios de Amazon Web Services

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