Blockchain Developer Nanodegree


Blockchain Developer

Start by learning the fundamentals of the blockchain technology and create one’s own private blockchain. Learn basics of Bitcoin platform and how to secure a digital asset using blockchain identity

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Blockchain Developer to drive your earnings


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September 2022

In this Blockchain bootcamp you will:

Learn the basics of how the blockchain data model works by creating one’s own private blockchain using Node.js and Leveldb.
Advance one’s blockchain skillset to the second generation of blockchain services with smart contracts utilizing the Ethereum network.

Meet the growing demand for Blockchain developers and master the job-ready skills that will take your career to new heights.

Get an edge with human support

Work with a mentor, career coach, and more. They have your back and will hold you accountable.

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Project review cycle creates a feedback loop with multiple opportunities for improvement—until the concept is mastered.

Verify skills mastery

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What will you learn

Start by learning the fundamentals of the blockchain technology and create one’s own private blockchain. Learn basics of Bitcoin platform and how to secure a digital asset using blockchain identity. Then gain deeper understanding of Ethereum platform and use Solidity to develop, test, and deploy one’s own decentralized app. Continue to build on one’s blockchain skills with advanced topics such as privacy, security, payments, and oracles on blockchain.
Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain Basics

  • Explain core components that make a blockchain secure and powerful.
  • Define blockchain protocols and their key differences.

Managing Blockchain Transactions

  • Create and manage identity on the Bitcoin blockchain and establish proof of ownership with blockchain transactions, without the need to provide sensitive information.

Bitcoin Core Testnet

  • Explain the benefits of utilizing the Bitcoin Core testnet.
  • Describe the difference between the public testnet and regression testing.

Blockchain Data
• Learn the relationship between different stages of transaction lifecycle using Bitcoin Core.

Private Blockchains
• Explain the value of a private blockchain and prepare for the course project.

Digital Assets on Blockchain
• Encode and decode digital assets on a private blockchain and publicly prove ownership of the assets using digital identity.



Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens & Dapps

Ethereum Fundamentals & Development Tools
• Describe the fundamentals of Ethereum and how it is different from Bitcoin.
• Build, compile, deploy, and test smart contracts using remix, ganache, truffle,
and infura.

Smart Contracts with Solidity
• Learn Solidity, a Turing complete smart contract language.
• Learn about different token standards (ERC-721, ERC-20).
• Create a fungible (ERC-20) token on Ethereum using Solidity

Ethereum APP
• Develop, test, and deploy a fully-functioning Dapp that allows users to create, buy, and sell unique stars.


Blockchain Architecture

Planning Blockchain Solutions
• Learn the correct technology stack to layer services and provide software
• Design supporting visuals with Unified Modeling Language (UML).

• Implement several techniques to enhance privacy of blockchain such as merkle
trees, zero-knowledge proofs.

Security & Maintenance
• Identify architecture security and maintenance risks

Distributed File System
• Create one’s own website and Dapp on the new decentralized storage protocol

Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens & Dapps

Multiparty Control & Payments with Smart Contracts
• Build Dapp with secure, multi-sig smart contracts that autonomously receive,
transfer, and pay funds.

• Utilize third-party data sources to inform autonomous smart contracts.

Handing Smart Contract Payments
• Create and test secure and cost-efficient smart contracts that handle,
distribute, and test ETH payments to a smart contract.


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Real World Project
Develop an End-to-End project that will allow you to interact in a real work environment.
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Intermediate – advance
4 months

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Blockchain Developer


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