Data Scientist Specialization


Data Scientist Specialization

This program offers an ideal path for experienced programmers and data analysts to advance their data science careers.


This program offers an ideal path for experienced programmers and data analysts to advance their data science careers.


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Data Scientist to drive your earnings


Average salary increase of Data Scientist students who provided pre- and post-course salaries

September 2022

In this Data Scientist engineering bootcamp you will:

Use Python and SQL to access and analyze data from several different data sources.
Use principles of statistics and probability to design and execute A/B tests and recommendation engines to assist businesses in making data-automated decisions.
Deploy a data science solution to a basic flask app.
Manipulate and analyze distributed datasets using Apache Spark.
Communicate results effectively to stakeholders.

Meet the growing demand for Data Scientist and master the job-ready skills that will take your career to new heights.

Get an edge with human support

Work with a mentor, career coach, and more. They have your back and will hold you accountable.

Verify skills mastery

Project review cycle creates a feedback loop with multiple opportunities for improvement—until the concept is mastered.

Verify skills mastery

Learning accelerates as skilled mentors identify areas of achievement and potential for growth.

What will you learn

Build effective machine learning models, run data pipelines, build recommendation systems, and deploy solutions to the cloud
with industry-aligned projects

We recommend students are familiar with machine learning concepts, like those in the Intro to Machine Learning Nanodegree Program. In addition, students should be familiar with Python programming, probability, and statistics.
Solving Data Science Problems

Learn the data science process, including how to build effective data visualizations, and how to communicate with various stakeholders.

Write a Data Science Blog Post
In this project, you will choose a dataset, identify three questions, and analyze the data to find answers to these questions. You will create a github repository with your project, and write a blog post to communicate your findings to the appropriate audience. The project will help you reinforce and extend your knowledge of machine learning, data visualization, and communication.

Software Engineering for Data Scientists
Develop software engineering skills that are essential for data scientists, such as creating unit tests and building classes.
Data Engineering for Data Scientists

Learn to work with data through the entire data science process, from running pipelines, transforming data, building models, and deploying solutions to the cloud.


Build Disaster Response Pipelines with Figure Eight
Figure Eight, a company focused on creating datasets for AI applications, has crowdsourced the tagging and translation of messages to improve disaster relief efforts. In this project, you’ll build a data pipeline to prepare message data from major natural disasters around the world. You’ll build a machine learning pipeline to categorize emergency messages based on the needs communicated by the sender.

Experiment Design and Recommendations

Learn to design experiments and analyze A/B test results. Explore approaches for building recommendation systems.


Design a Recommendation Engine with IBM
IBM has an online data science community where members can post tutorials, notebooks, articles, and datasets. In this project, you will build a recommendation engine, based on user behavior and social network in IBM Watson Studio’s data platform, to surface content most likely to be relevant to a user.

Data Science Projects

Leverage what you’ve learned throughout the program to build your own open-ended Data Science project. This project will serve as a demonstration of your valuable abilities as a Data Scientist.

Data Science Capstone Project
You will leverage what you’ve learned throughout the program to build your own data science project. You will define the problem, identify and explore the data, perform your analyses, and present your solution in a blog post or frontend application. This project will serve as a demonstration of your ability as a Data Scientist, and will be an important piece of your job-ready portfolio.

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Program Offer It includes
Real world projects Yes
Mentor Tech Support Yes
Student community Yes
CV support Yes
Freelance Projects Yes
Real World Project
Develop an End-to-End project that will allow you to interact in a real work environment.
Certificate to share

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4 months complete

8 – 10 hours / week



Data Engineer Specialization


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