MLOps Basics [Week 9]: Prediction Monitoring – Kibana

What is the need of monitoring? Monitoring systems can help give …

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MLOps Basics [Week 8]: Serverless Deployment – AWS Lambda

How to deploy Docker Image in ECR? In the previous post we …

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MLOps Basics [Week 7]: Container Registry – AWS ECR

What is Container Registry ? A container registry is a place to …

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MLOps Basics [Week 6]: CI/CD – GitHub Actions

What is CI/CD ? CI/CD is a coding philosophy and set of …

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MLOps Basics [Week 5]: Model Packaging – Docker

Why do we need packaging? We might have to share our …

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MLOps Basics [Week 4]: Model Packaging – ONNX

📦 Model Packaging Why do we need model packaging? Models can …

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MLOps Basics [Week 3]: Data Version Control – DVC

Data Version Control Machine learning and data science come with a set …

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MLOps Basics [Week 2]: Configurations – Hydra

⚙️ Configurations Why do you need configurations? Configuration management is a …

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MLOps Basics [Week 1]: Model Monitoring – Weights and Bias

Español (Spanish) version   MLOps Basics [Week 0]: Project Setup 📊 …

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MLOps Basics [Week 0]: Project Setup

MLOps Basics [Week 0]: Project Setup 🎬 Start of the series The goal …

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