Nanodegree Cloud DevOps AWS

Learn to design and deploy infrastructure as code, build and monitor CI/CD pipelines for  ifferent deployment strategies, and deploy scalable microservices using Kubernetes. At the end of the program, you’ll combine your new skills by completing a capstone project.
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Learn to design and implement infrastructure as code, build and monitor CI / CD pipelines for different deployment strategies, and implement scalable microservices using Kubernetes. At the end of the program, you will combine your new skills by completing a final project.


You should have an intermediate understanding of Javascript and be familiar with object-oriented programming, web development with HTML and CSS, and the Linux command line.

Cloud Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing while receiving an introduction to cloud computing, security, storage, networking, messaging, and management services.

Implement Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

In this course, you will learn how to implement the underlying infrastructure components that provide security and services to our servers by writing scripts using CloudFormation, the AWS tool for Infrastructure as Code. You will use CloudFormation to implement infrastructure patterns that are widely used in the industry and can be easily used to deploy any application in the cloud. Just like in the real world, you’ll start with initial business requirements that you convert to cloud architecture diagrams. Then you will implement this architecture using CloudFormation.

Deploy a highly available web application with CloudFormation

In this project, you will deploy web servers for a highly available web application using CloudFormation. You will write the code that creates and implements the infrastructure and application for an Instagram-like application from scratch. You will begin with the implementation of the network components, followed by the servers, security roles, and software. The procedure you follow here will become part of your cloud project portfolio – you will do it exactly as you do on the job – following best practices and scripts as much as possible.

Create CI / CD pipelines, monitoring and logging

Learn how to reach out for Continuous Delivery as your “true north” while building CI / CD systems that automate “things” between developers and the cloud. You’ll gain essential knowledge and put it into practice as you learn about continuous integration and continuous deployment. You will combine your existing knowledge of Cloud Formation and AWS with new tools like Ansible and Circle CI. You’ll also learn how to keep an eye on your deployments with proactive monitoring and alerts.


Cree una canalización de CI / CD automatizada para UdaPeople

En este proyecto, demostrará sus habilidades de ingeniero de DevOps en la nube como nuevo empleado en UdaPeople, una nueva e innovadora empresa de Recursos Humanos que depende de ciclos de lanzamiento rápidos y un producto sólido y de alta calidad. Ayudará al equipo de desarrollo a ofrecer valor de forma continua mediante la creación de una canalización de CI / CD automatizada. Estas nuevas habilidades también se pondrán a prueba a medida que configure el monitoreo y las alertas automatizadas para garantizar que el valor entregado siga siendo valioso. Gracias a sus nuevas habilidades y su arduo trabajo, UdaPeople tendrá una enorme ventaja competitiva en el mercado de PeopleOps y seguramente cambiará el mundo.

Scale microservices with Kubernetes

In this course, you will learn how to create and deploy a Kubernetes cluster, configure Kubernetes autoscale, and test the load of a Kubernetes application. You will learn how to get new and existing microservices up and running and how to apply container best practices. You will learn how to implement Machine Learning microservices that are elastic and fault tolerant. You will learn how to choose the appropriate abstraction for microservices: serverless (AWS Lambda) or Container Orchestration (Kubernetes).

Put a machine learning microservice API to work

In this project, you will continue your work to get microservices up and running by implementing a fault-tolerant and elastic machine learning inference API using Kubernetes. You will configure this microservice to be highly available using Kubernetes best practices. You will validate your design by testing the service load and verifying that the application architecture works as designed.

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Practical projects

Apply your skills to practical projects and develop a portfolio that demonstrates your job readiness to potential employers. You will need to finish the projects correctly to get your certificate.

Get a professional credential

When you complete all the courses in the program, you earn a certificate that you can share with your professional network, as well as access to professional support resources to help you start your new career. Many professional certificates have partners interested in hiring staff who recognize the professional certificate credential, and others can help you prepare for the certificate exam. You can see more information on the pages of the particular professional certificate where it applies.

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Real World Project
Develop an End-to-End project that will allow you to interact in a real work environment.

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Tulio Velásquez
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La mentora tiene claridad en el material y como se explica el paso a paso para cada implementación. La mentora tiene el conocimiento y hace un fácil entendimiento del curso.
Melani Stefania Ruales
Creo que tiene profesores calificados y los temas en los cursos son súper buenos. Es una buena profesora, que conoce sobre los temas a tratar. Además es dinámica al momento de impartir la clase
Diana Jaramillo
Tiene experiencia la mentora. Me agrada que hayan laboratorios y poder revisar las clases grabadas.
Bryan Xavier Landázuri
Estuvo interesante cada modulo de clase y cada laboratorio que se realizo tenia su respectiva guía. Estuvo bien explicado, presento muchos aplicaciones de los diversos temas que se vieron durante el curso

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+ 50 % de tu salario primer mes al conseguir un empleo

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