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Digital Marketing Specialization

553 Lessons

3 months program Learn to create marketing content, use social …

What you'll learn
Graduates will be uniquely prepared to fill a wide array of digital marketing roles. These include: social media analyst, social media manager, social media community manager, social media coordinator, social media marketer, social media strategist, SEO manager, SEO analyst, SEO partnership specialist, SEO strategist, digital marketing manager, internet marketing manager, website
optimization manager, SEM analyst, SEM manager, SEM marketing coordinator, search analyst, paid search marketing manager, digital marketing manager, head of growth and acquisition and email marketing manager.

SQL for Data Analysis

219 Lessons

Data Scientist Specialization

489 Lessons

3 months program The Data Scientist Nanodegree program is an …

What you'll learn
By the end of the program, you’ll have an impressive portfolio of real-world projects, and valuable hands-on experience. You’ll also receive career support via profile and portfolios reviews to help make sure you’re ready to establish a successful data science career, and land a job you love.

Cloud Developer Specialization

549 Lessons

3 months program The cloud has become a key enabler …

What you'll learn
This program is designed to prepare students to become Cloud Developers.
This includes job titles such as cloud developer, full stack developer, cloud engineers, and others. Cloud development skills are also helpful for adjacent software engineering roles.

Business Data Analytics Specialization

604 Lessons

3 months program This program is an excellent program for …

What you'll learn
This Nanodegree program is well-suited for those those looking to apply data skills in their current roles. It is also a great first step on a journey to becoming a data analyst or data scientist. We have more courses that will pick up from where this course leaves off to help you become ready for a career in data science.

Azure DevOps Specialization

192 Lessons

3 months program Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest …