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About This Course

Learning React through this Nanodegree program can significantly improve your skills and career prospects as a front-end developer believes it’s one of the best career moves you can make right now. Bootcamp has partnered with React expert Tyler McGinnis to bring you this worldclass learning experience—quality React instruction with a leading expert in the field, detailed code reviews, and support throughout the Nanodegree program.


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Learning Objectives

Graduates of this Nanodegree program will be valuable additions to any team working in the domain of web development, app development, software development, digital marketing, and e commerce. Opportunities exist in companies ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to startups.


  • Students should have prior development experience building and deploying front-end applications with HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • NPM
  • Experience using the command line interface (bash, terminal).

Target Audience

  • We designed our React Nanodegree program with one priority—your success as a developer. Whether you’re pursuing a new role, advancing further in your existing career, or refreshing your skills and staying up to date with the latest technologies, this program is built to ensure you achieve your goals. The addition of React skills to your developer toolkit is an excellent move for any developer seeking a critical career advantage.


195 Lessons

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How Do I Find Time for My Nanodegree?

Why React

Mastering React begins with learning your fundamentals, and this can pose a bit of a challenge, because while the modularity of the React ecosystem makes it really powerful for building applications, there is a great deal to learn. So we’ll break everything down, and enable you to learn the foundational parts of the React ecosystem that are necessary to build production-ready apps. As this is a project-based course, you’re going to start building right away. This gives you an opportunity to get your hands dirty with React, and start mastering the skills you’ll need. Plus, every project you build is reviewed by an expert Project Reviewer, and their detailed feedback will be instrumental in helping you to advance.

Rendering UI with React

State Management

Render UI with External Data

Managing App Location with React Router

MyReads A Book Tracking App

Why Redux

Redux excels at state management, and in this course, you’ll learn how Redux and React work together to make your application’s state bulletproof. As with the previous course, this is hand-on curriculum, and building projects is what it’s all about. Here, you’ll leverage React with Redux to build “Would You Rather”, a popular party game.

Redux At Its Core

React Redux

Architect A Redux Store

Redux Middleware


Up and Running with React Native

React vs React Native

Styling Layout


Native Features

Mobile Flashcards

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