Nanodegree iOS Developer

Nanodegree iOS Developer

This Nanodegree program will prepare you to publish your first iOS app, whether you’re already a developer or relatively new to programming

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The journey to becoming an iOS developer begins in your imagination—that moment when you first dream up a great idea for an app. This Nanodegree program will prepare you to publish your first iOS app, whether you’re already programming or just beginning. As you master the Swift programming language and create a portfolio of apps to showcase your skills, you’ll benefit from detailed code reviews, valuable career advice, and coaching from professional iOS developers.

Prerequisites and Requirements

In order to succeed in this program, we recommend having the following

• You are self-driven and motivated to learn. Participation in this program requires consistently meeting deadlines and devoting at least 10 hours per week to your work.

• Collaboration with peers and interactive feedback are critical to
the success of the program. You must be a committed and contributing participant of the community.

Technical Requirements:

• Access to a Mac computer running macOS 10.14.3 or later

Welcome to the Nanodegree

Learn what to expect in the classroom, get familiar with programming in Swift, and download Xcode, Apple’s development environment for iOS.

Learn Swift Programming
Learn the basics of Swift, the programming language used to develop iOS apps.
Intro to iOS App Development with Swift

Build your first app with Swift and Xcode, Apple’s programming environment for app development. You’ll learn how to use AutoLayout, UIButtons, and UILabels to create an interface, and how to react to touch events in an app using ViewController and multiple views. You’ll also learn how to set up audio recording and playback in a voice recording app.

UIKit Fundamentals
Develop an app with UIKit, Apple’s front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. Learn about the delegate pattern to make connections between the app’s model, view, and controller, and add table views and navigation to your app.
Network Requests and GCD
Incorporate networking into your apps, and harness the power of APIs to display images and retrieve data. Use Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch, or GCD, framework to create asynchronous apps, ensuring a smooth user experience, even while your apps run lengthy operations in the background.
Data Persistence
Learn about simple persistence, the iOS File System, and the “sandbox.” Set up the classes we need to get Core Data up and running so that we can create, save, and delete model objects. Enable user interfaces to reactively update whenever the model changes, and safely migrate user data between versions.
Final Project
This is your chance to let your iOS Developer skills shine! For this final project, you’ll design and build your own iOS app, taking the design from the drawing board to the App Store.
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Practical projects

Apply your skills to practical projects and develop a portfolio that demonstrates your job readiness to potential employers. You will need to finish the projects correctly to get your certificate.

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Program Offers It includes
Real world projects Yes
Project reviews Yes
Mentor Tech Support Yes
Student community Yes
CV support Yes
Freelance Projects Yes
Real World Project
Develop an End-to-End project that will allow you to interact in a real work environment.


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  • If you cannot find a job, we will exempt you from paying 50% of your first salary.
  • You must complete the 4 months of the program
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  • 4 months is the average time to complete this program.
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  • Access to all sessions
  • Access to all quizzes
  • Access to all projects
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+ 50% of your salary for the first month when you get a job

  • If you cannot find a job, we will exempt you from paying 50% of your first salary.
Tulio Velásquez
Gerente Arq Tecnología
The mentor has clarity on the material and how the step-by-step for each implementation is explained. The mentor has the knowledge and makes an easy understanding of the course.
Melani Stefania Ruales
I think it has qualified teachers and the topics in the courses are super good. She is a good teacher, who she knows about the topics to be covered. It is also dynamic when teaching the class
Diana Jaramillo
The mentor is experienced. I like that there are labs and that I can review the recorded classes.
Bryan Xavier Landázuri
Each class module was interesting and each laboratory that was carried out had its respective guide. It was well explained, I presented many applications of the various topics that were seen during the course

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You can have an ROI (Return on Investment) in the program of 200% return.

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