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We orchestrate the right talent in a lean process to deliver measurable business value cost-effectively and on demand.

Human and machine symbiosis
B.AI Spaces is augmenting knowledge workers, making each developer, product manager, and designer in our network superhuman.
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Data-driven platform, real impact.
Humans, machines, superpowers. What does it really mean? A new software production ecosystem that makes workers better at their jobs, yielding tangible results.


Project managers can predict setbacks in advance and change course. Developers are selected for projects using 20+ criteria so that we can deliver a world-class finished product, every time.
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We rethink every project step to streamline for speed. Project managers build specs 80% faster than average and developers can start with 60% of the code already written.
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Better process, better results.

Rethinking the software development process has its perks, and we’re just getting started. See a few of our innovations below.
We catch delays and bugs before they happen
Each project has a 0-100 health score combining factors like customer satisfaction, budget spend, on-time rate, and communication frequency. Our tools monitor hundreds of projects at once to look for patterns that predict issues with an upcoming deliverable.

Project activity data includes Github checkins, Trello tasks, emails, Slack messages, milestone signoffs, and client feedback for a given project.

We make the right decision at every project step
A software development project has hundreds of critical decision points. We look at the effect of different decisions made at the same point on previous projects to use the best judgement on current & future projects.
DECISION POINTS Projects are modeled as finite-state machines with anywhere from hundreds to thousands of states and transitions, depending on the project’s complexity.
We assemble the dream team for each project
Our network is tagged with 20+ data points like on-time rate, project experience, client ratings, co-worker reviews, code quality, availability, and timezone. We use this data to assemble the optimal team for each project.
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We start and finish projects faster

Developers and product managers can start significantly faster using code & task lists from similar past projects as a foundation for their work.
CODE LIBRARY Our code library includes full project code and project plan templates from select previous work, as well as feature components and modified open-source software.

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