Designing relevant experiences
The Design Studio focuses on bringing quality, design, strategy, and production to worldwide digital challenges. We base the definition of our design on the evidence of consumer behavior and observation of market trends. We create solid and relevant solutions that appeal to both users and businesses.

User Experience

User experience designers explore many different approaches to solve specific user problems. We ensure that products logically flow from one step to the next one. By identifying verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks, we refine and iterate to create the best experience. From user research, usability analysis, to interaction design, we create better products, enhancing interactions, information architecture, usability and persuasion. We help our clients to inspire their communities, foster adoption and drive conversion results.

Visual Design

We lead the way into an insightful and conceptual design, creating and executing beautiful designs that make you go Wow. We develop visual aspects of an interphase and the implementation of the brand personality into the user interface design. We establish relationships with the users by creating beautiful emotional interfaces, based on a deep analysis of end-users as well as the market trends. In much the same way that a piece of art appeals to the human eye – which is visually and emotionally rather than literally – visual design grabs attention and encourages action.

Service Design

Service design involves the activity of mapping, prototyping and planning cutting-edge product-service systems and how the actors should interact to bring those omni-relevant experiences to market. From strategic and operations management to business design, we apply a holistic approach to understand, create and orchestrate strategic scenarios, working in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. Our service designers co-design with clients and customers translating research insights into actionable plans and viable opportunities for growth.

Advantages of using B.AI Spaces

Our development solution allows you to quickly access a variety of top talent to build the software you need
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Partner with a company with deep development expertise

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Work with experts in new technologies

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Structured updates ensure you’re getting important information

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We’ll provide you a thorough scope you can build on

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Your data is protected with industry best practices
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Build MVPs in weeks, not months

How design works

Our design process makes your vision come to life through an iterative process of wireframes and mockups.
Sample project timeline
6 weeks, 2 people

1 weeks

1 weeks
Medium Fidelity

2 weeks

High Fidelity

2 weeks

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