Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Connecting the physical world
We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions with focus on edge and IoT platform development. Our wide expertise in hardware integration and embedded software development that seamlessly merges into Cloud Platforms ecosystems blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. 
We help our customers to develop new business opportunities, enhancing existing products and services, and bring new ones to life.


Edge Development

We integrate and enable both standard and non standard hardware platforms pushing your device capabilities forward.

We enrich the edge design and development process with our native digital DNA, bringing Software Development Lifecycle practices adapted to the embedded world.

The IoT studio ensures scalability, reliability, and security on Fog architectures with an Updates Over the Air and continuous Integration approach delivered by agile teams.

Our experience and skills range from digital signal acquisition to local AI or Computer Vision, all running on the Edge for real time processing.

IoT Platforms

IoT platforms are the bridge between devices and the digital ecosystem. With these platforms, we can develop device management strategies, update campaigns, data storage, data visualization, applications, services integration, data analytics and digital twin based applications.

We have strong experience with third-party IoT platforms, designing application architecture, developing on top of them, and doing consultancy. Our team can integrate these IoT platforms with legacy and new systems in order to add modern features to existing and new company processes.

Through IoT platforms, we integrate IoT devices with all of Globant’s digital capabilities.

Research and Development

Our ideation funnel inputs client business needs, metrics, and use cases together with our flexibility to power ideation. With the aid of product development and user experience teams, this materializes into a device integrated with its services.

We have the connections with hardware manufacturing partners to bring these new ideas to life, validate feasibility, and discover technical challenges as we aim for massive production. This is part of a larger feedback process to bring new use cases and functionalities to existing ideas or needs.

Advantages of using B.AI Spaces

Our development solution allows you to quickly access a variety of top talent to build the software you need
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Partner with a company with deep development expertise

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Work with experts in new technologies

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Structured updates ensure you’re getting important information

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We’ll provide you a thorough scope you can build on

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Your data is protected with industry best practices
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Build MVPs in weeks, not months

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