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Cloud transformation advice

The cloud is, and will continue to be, a highly relevant and strategic consideration for company growth plans in the years ahead. An effective cloud strategy can boost your technological agility and drive business change and growth.

By leveraging Bootcamp AI’s Enterprise Cloud Transformation framework we can help you develop a roadmap that factors in the key pillars of a successful journey to cloud: business, people, process and technology.

Our holistic approach to cloud transformations bridge the gap between hope and reality, allowing us to plot a course towards the best possible destination that aligns with your business goals while also creating new opportunities.

Building cloud environments

Migrating to the cloud lowers infrastructure costs while increasing delivery velocity.

Our Enterprise Cloud Transformation Framework helps you leverage proven best practices and a deep pool of real-life experiences to tailor your cloud presence to each particular business challenge.

Our five step approach to building cloud-native environments will enable you to implement flexible, scalable and highly available solutions to meet present and future needs.

DevOps cultural change

These days, many companies are trying to adopt DevOps simply as a technological change instead of a cultural one. However, this approach has a low success rate due to resistance from teams involved in the transformation.

We help product teams map and optimize their value stream using a DevOps mindset and supporting tools, with the goal of adapting the delivery of value to the speed of business.

We enable business owners to observe the flow of value delivery in near real time. This provides you with a better understanding of the technical side of the product cycle and improves time to market making incremental improvements to product delivery cycles.

Moving workloads to the cloud

The expansion of cloud adoption will continue as one of the key priorities for IT teams. That’s why existing applications need to be evaluated and adapted for the cloud.

Our Enterprise Cloud Transformation Framework includes a variety of strategies that will help you move your applications to the cloud. We use specific tools for every stage of the process and different cloud providers depending on requirements.

Our value proposition considers the cloud environment and application modernization. A seamless cloud transition is key to ensuring confidence from the cloud and taking advantage of cloud services.

We have formal partnerships with the top public cloud providers. We’ve worked with all of them in different transitions to support businesses with flexibility, scalability and security.

Cloud support & operation

Moving a business to the cloud presents new challenges to your IT department. Whether it be a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or even if you opted for a single cloud provider, the rapidly expanding cloud ecosystems demand an effective CloudOps strategy to succeed. Meet Globant’s Shared Services.

Our services have been designed to operate your cloud infrastructure through a skill-flexible, cost-effective offering that can cover a variety of practices with an elastic pricing model. Our 24×7-capable support services leverage the skilled support model to resolve incidents and complete requests faster than the traditional multi-tier support approach.

Your applications evolve and so do your support needs. Our services can adapt to those changes by covering not only a variety of technologies but also being able to dynamically provide support, cloud, DevOps and cybersecurity services when you need them.

Chaos Engineering

Business applications require a new set of professionals to build and proactively test your next generation platforms. Businesses require reliability for every piece of software and infrastructure.

Chaos Engineering is responsible for implementing the best state-of-the-art techniques and practices to create, build and assure what we call a “llity-pattern” (scalability, reliability, availability, quality) for your products, applications and services.

We use Chaos Engineering tools to design and execute use cases that test and identify bottlenecks in your cloud environment. Our approach focuses on helping you predict issues rather than fixing incidents from network and application outages. We combine cloud testing with specific application testing techniques to ensure broader the flow of value delivery in near real time. This provides you with a better understanding of the technical side of the product cycle and improves time to market making incremental improvements to product delivery cycles.

Site Reliability Engineering

The ever-growing infrastructure and extremely complex applications that exist nowadays have pushed a new concept: SRE (Site Reliability Engineering).

By understanding the underlying architecture, interpreting the workflows and bottlenecks, and being involved in the development phases, SRE will boost the creation and maintenance of reliable and scalable applications.

Through our studio model, we have a native SRE mindset that makes us the right partner for a successful SRE implementation, that will balance service reliability with the pace of innovation. We will provide you with the guidelines to prepare the right infrastructure, observe and analyze the performance, execute countermeasures for risks, and design the architecture for the future.

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