Scalable Platforms

Scalable Platforms

Enabling digital products through robust and future proof architecture.
We provide a proven path to strategize and build the digital platforms that will be the backbone of your business transformation.

B.AI Space’s Scalable Platforms  provides the path for organizations to create digital products that are built with a robust and future-proof architecture. From the upfront strategy, through building and evolving the platform, we help you navigate a complex landscape. Our agnostic approach produces the optimal solution aligned to your business needs. We do this by applying our talent, best practices and design patterns with a best of breed partner ecosystem.



Strategic Architecture Consulting

Companies are looking to grow and gain competitive advantage through technical innovation, and strategic alignment between business and technology has become critical. Our advisory and consulting services on enterprise and digital architectures can identify the gaps and join the dots between your business and technology. Our Studio experts have deep expertise in defining technology roadmaps depending on your specific objectives. We can help you manage these intricacies with an agile view, applying our best practices, methodologies and cutting-edge techniques.

Platform Evolution

Solutions that are not properly maintained and evolved, become more complex over time. This is often due to short-term fixes, technical debt, lack of proper testing coverage, and an inadequate CI/CD strategy. Changes and releases become more complex and riskier, as development teams struggle to understand their potential impacts and side effects. As a result, businesses can’t achieve their desired time-to-market, and it’s not possible to leverage new technologies nor seize new opportunities. We focus on helping companies evolve and run their applications efficiently by providing the expertise and know-how to modernize, evolve, and maintain existing ecosystems.

Augmented Composable Solutions

We help businesses create “Augmented Composable Solutions” – these are solutions that provide business with adaptability ,fast scalability, and better access to information. They use state of the art technologies like low code platforms and APIs, as well as microservices and cloud native development best practices. Increasing organizational capacity to generate insights and augment information through Artificial Intelligence helps respond quickly to market demands and reduce inefficiencies.

Advantages of using B.AI Spaces

Our development solution allows you to quickly access a variety of top talent to build the software you need
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Partner with a company with deep development expertise

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Work with experts in new technologies

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Structured updates ensure you’re getting important information

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We’ll provide you a thorough scope you can build on

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Your data is protected with industry best practices
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Build MVPs in weeks, not months

How custom development works

Our custom development process gives you flexibility to iterate while ensuring you hit your dates
Sample project timeline – Marketplace
20 weeks, team of 4


2 weeks


4 weeks


12 weeks

2 weeks


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