Agentbot | Conversational AI-Powered Chatbots


Ideal for companies looking to automate a low volume of monthly conversations.

One time onboarding fee
USD 500 (Optional)

No credit card needed.
100% no-code.

  • All messaging channels
  • Self-service Knowledge Management
  • Conversational AI engine
  • Specialized CX Analytics and Training capabilities
  • Unlimited Live Chat Users
  • SLA 99,9%


Talk to your customers naturally and on any digital channel with AgentBot. Manage knowledge without technical expertise, learn from every interaction and solve inquiries instantly.

72 hours

Quick Onboarding


of conversations resolved without transferring to a human agent




Put a spin on conversations

AgentBot talks with customers as a person would. AgentBot’s conversational engine provides customer service in multiple languages. Its multiple AI technologies can interpret informal language, errors, regionalisms, emojis and voice messages for an unstructured communication.

Available 24/7 across all channels

Start or continue a conversation on any channel with a unified experience. AgentBot’s AI bot adapts answers automatically across all messaging channels for instantaneous and seamless service.

The Agent, more important than ever

Make your agents’ time count. AgentBot transfers the session to a live chat only when necessary. The agent gets the chat history and the customer’s profile in order to personalize the service. When the agent is done, the session goes back to the bot in a seamless Bot-Human-Bot experience.

Security and privacy above all

The needs of today’s world and and the ones of our customers fall in line with Aivo’s commitment to availability, security and privacy.



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