Dive into Deep Learning 2022



This book will teach deep learning concepts from scratch. Sometimes, we want to delve into fine details about the models that would typically be hidden from the user by deep learning frameworks’ advanced abstractions. This comes up especially in the basic tutorials, where we want you to understand everything that happens in a given layer or optimizer. In these cases, we will often present two versions of the example: one where we implement everything from scratch, relying only on NumPy-like functionality and automatic differentiation, and another, more practical example, where we write succinct code using the high-level APIs of deep learning frameworks. Once we have taught you how some component works, we can just use the high-level APIs in subsequent tutorials.

Content and Structure

The book can be roughly divided into three parts, focusing on preliminaries, deep learning techniques, and advanced topics focused on real systems and applications (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1 Book structure


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